Spencer Goring

Game Designer/Programmer

Phone: 778-886-2271

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PaperWings is a 3D flying game for mobile devices. In PaperWings the player uses gyro controls to fly a paper koi fish kite down a hill while collecting points to try and get a high score or a best time after reaching the bottom.

​For this project I was the Project Manager and Programmer, where my primary tasks were tuning the gyro controls and optimizing the game for mobile devices. 

Some interesting things about this game is we managed to put the entire terrain and environmental props onto a single 16x16 texture which allowed for batching options to eliminate draw calls. Another way we optimized the game was by moving sections out and back into sight when needed to fake an occlusion culling effect because we didn't have Mobile Unity Pro.

PaperWings was really fun to work on for me because it is the type of mobile game that I enjoy playing and also challenged me to find unique optimizations and design tricks.