Spencer Goring

Game Designer/Programmer

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Little Joey

And The

Robot Factory

For this game I was the programmer in a 3 man team, the other 2 being an artist and a level designer. My best take away from programming this game was learning ActionScript 3. Flash itself may be on a downward trend but learning about making a object oriented programming structure within Flash gave me so much practice with coding and taught                                                             

Little Joey is a boy in the distant future where robot factories are a thing (So maybe 5 years from now). One day Joey's father takes joey to the factory for take your kid to work day, unfortunatly 99.34% of the world's kids a are pure evil in the future and while Joey is at the factory the rest of the evil kids steal the factories robot's and begin wrecking havoc. Joey in an attempt to save the factory and his father's job takes the only robot left, but this robot is an older model which can only fly for short durations and instead of a gun has a reflective shield. Little Joey and The Robot Factory is 2D platformer flash game where the player controls Joey and his robot as they jump dodge and reflect their way through the factory destroying evil kids in robots along the way.

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me the crazy amounts of benefits with inheritance and modular design that was used heavily in this game. Click on the download button below if you want to try it out.