Spencer Goring

Game Designer/Programmer

Hobo Rangers

Surprise Hobo Rangers was the theme, and a bunch of angry hobo's beating up cops and civilians while trying to scrounge up the most spare change is what we made. Also did I mention the hobos drop from the sky in garbage cans followed by beams of light? Yes we have that too. This hat jam I got be much more hands on with unity. My job was to program the combat and loot drops, and again I sourced out the music, and I made the sounds on bfxr. The best part of this hat jam for me was being put on a team with my school's programming TA, Quinn, who taught me me so many new things about Unity and has really made me enjoy using it. If you want to try it out the game click on the button below. You'll need unity web player to play it,(http://unity3d.com/webplayer) but it's totally worth it. The game was meant for 3 players but if you're playing solo you can just push the other characters through the level. Enjoy!

Phone: 778-886-2271