Spencer Goring

Game Designer/Programmer



Banana Error was my first Hat Jam game. In this hat jam there were 2 themes, Banana Error and Kangaroo Rat. The premise of the game was that bananas had grown out of proportion and had then turned evil. The player is a commando kangaroo named Roo who commands a squad of rats. The player commands the rats by clicking on a location and if there is a banana tree the rat will attack it. The banana trees thrown out bananas which will hurt, Roo so the player has to dodge the bananas while staying staying within command range of the rats as they will run back to him if he is too far away. I was responsible for time management (very important for 48 jams) and sourcing out or creating the music and sounds, although we didn't have time to put in all the sounds. If you want to try it out on your computer you can download it by clicking on the Play It button. Warning, the singer for the death song swore so don't show this to those that should not hear the bad words.

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